Your Travel Questions Answered (Part 1)

Your Travel Questions AnsweredEach and every single day I wake up and check my emails in a half groggy state. And each and every single day I am surprised when I see the amount of replies I continuously receive from the likes of you. They come in the form of questions, compliments, stories, and even the odd proposal. And if I’m being honest, I’ve kind of been lazy in answering them. Okay, maybe lazy is not the right word. Let’s just say, I’ve been experiencing the drama of university life. Boys, you know who you are, you are the reason for my poetic demise: writer’s block. Well, I’m back! And I think it’s time I finally get back to it. View Full Post

Where Should I Go Next?


My blog will be back up and running with new posts coming to you live shortly. I’ve been on hiatus, choosing to appreciate and live for the moment. In order for me to stop running away, I had to stop running altogether. Now, I’m planning a four month backpacking trip and I need your help.

Where should I go next: Southeast Asia or South America? 

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One Adventure Tour You Can’t Miss in Split

“You going on the tour,” I asked the two teenagers standing in front of the hostel. Like me, they smelled of sunscreen and sweat. They nodded, introducing themselves as Bo and Kimmie. We teased each other about being too American and not Canadian enough, while the Red Adventures van pulled up. Inside the vehicle our guide greeted us before turning up the stereo; the four of us losing ourselves to the beat of the music. Cruising down the highway and out of Split, we made our way towards Trogir and the local secret that is Ciovo Island. View Full Post

How to do Sydney on a Budget

How to do Sydney on a Budget

This a guest post submission written by the incredible Shandos from Travelnuity.  

Sydney is frequently listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world.  With the falling Australian dollar, it’s gotten cheaper over the last few years, but it’s still far from an inexpensive place to visit.  Everything aimed at tourists tends to be expensive: from hotel rooms and hostel dorms, to waterfront restaurants, must-do activities and sightseeing excursions.  However, if you’re careful, you can still have a great time in Sydney on a budget. View Full Post

Free Things to do in Budapest

Some destinations “get you”; others just get your wallet. Uncover the beauty. Unveil its secrets. Budapest is waiting. A budget destination, it is your gateway to the East. A side of Europe that embraces its flaws, while accepting its heritage. Budapest is the place to go when in search of fun, food, and freedom.  So put away your HUF and explore on foot. You might just end up like me, returning to the city in hopes of reliving that feeling of endless possibility and international togetherness. First round of beer on me! Kidding. View Full Post

A Taste of Slovenia

In Ljubljana there are more locals than tourists; a preservation of Slovenian heritage and culture. Here, doing nothing is doing something when you factor in the city’s inviting atmosphere, sunny weather, and charming side streets. Defined by its canals, “the crossroad of all worlds”, Ljubljana unites a continent while also introducing a medley of flavours to regional cuisine. Venturing off-the-traditional path, I explored the modern culinary world of Ljubljana with Ljubljananjam. View Full Post

Pula, Croatia’s Best Kept Secret

At the bus station I confessed to a woman that I felt guilty for staying in Pula for so long. “Are you happy,” she asked. “I guess,” I shrugged. She studied me, suddenly serious. “Why do you travel,” she demanded. “Is it to make other people jealous? Is it for the photos or content or stories?” “No,” I asserted, “I travel for me.” “So, are you happy?” I thought for a moment… “I am,” I said then ripped up my tickets, picked up my bags and headed back to the beach. View Full Post

How to do Pula on a Budget

How to do on a BudgetSomehow along the way adventure found me in Croatia. It crept up on me like a long-awaited visitor in the dead of night. There I was a doer, not a sightseer; a woman of action whose travel stories founded themselves on nothing more than unexpected undertakings. One week. That was all I had. Well, at least that was the plan. But here’s the thing: plans change and so do you. Pula became my base for two and a half weeks; its unrivaled nature, mild climate and dramatic terrain my inspiration. My own piece of paradise, it kind of became an extension of who I am today. Its value the reason I recommend it as a base for exploring the rest of Istria (and Venice too)! View Full Post

A Snapshot of Split

IMG_3913This week has been a test for me. Back here in Canada, I’m currently working three jobs and a whole lot of overtime  to fund my next adventure (not that I’m complaining!!). I realize that I’ve been neglecting my blog as a result. This weekend I sat down with the intent to write. I didn’t. I can’t. Today I am sharing some images from my time in Split; the sea and sunshine igniting my wanderlust and passion to get the job done. I promise that in the next few days I will be back with some quality content. You know… posts with actual words! View Full Post